Record/Edit/Play back OSC from Resolume, with TWO

I’ve been experimenting with using TWO as a timeline OSC record/edit/playback tool for Resolume, and have come quite a long way, but I’ve realized that by default, Resolume does not react well to having all the data it transmits being sent back from TWO verbatim.
Some messages are not meant to be received at the density they are sent. Others overlap, and while all are sent, only one should be received, etc.

I would love it if you wanted to test things out, to figure out what of the Resolume data should be filtered out in TWO and/or Resolume, so that it can work in unison with TWO!

I’ve put together a little video for this post, which you may find a good intro:

There is also a blog-post with all the steps needed to take the TWO & Resolume integration as far as I am able for the time being, and plan to continuously update it: … tegration/

I’ve just released a new version of TWO, which is currently free to use – download it and please let me know how you get along!